Henryís Random Thoughts





Below are photos from throughout the bishopís life. All photos courtesy of the Grimmelsman family.


First Communion: The photo below was taken in the late 19th century to celebrate First Holy Communion, a major rite of passage in a Catholic life. Even when I had mine in the early 80s, formal dress was expected (although the style had changed a bit by then).




Family: To the left is the bishopís father, G H Grimmelsman, an employee of the Central Trust Bank. To the right is the whole family, sometime after the passing of his mother, Frances.




Below are four photos of Henry as a young priest. The middle left one was taken in Innsbruck, Austria, when he was finishing up his doctorate in the mid-1920ís. Iím not sure who the priest on the left is in the photo on the far right.



Below is a photo of Bishop Grimmelsman on the left with two other bishops. The one in the center is Bishop Bennett of Lafayette, Indiana. Iím not sure who the one on the left is.



Here is a picture of the five siblings that chose the religious life. Two of the nuns worked at the College of Mt. St. Joseph and one worked at Good Samaritan Hospital. The other priest is Father John A. Grimmelsman, who was the pastor of St. Dominicís church. Bishop Grimmelsman was the only sibling to work outside the Cincinnati area.



Christmas Card: The Christmas card is from 1971, the bishopís last Christmas here on Earth. The nun pictured is likely Sister Theophane, his longtime housekeeper. Iím not sure who the children are.



This was the front cover of his funeral program in 1972.



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