Henry’s Random Thoughts




Jan. 22, 1915, Innsbruck


Mr. Aloy Grimmelsman

925 Mt. Hope Ave.

Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Dear Brother,


Thank you for your letter. Received it on the 20th. Sorry to hear you hav e a bad cold. Hope you got over it in good style. Received Papa’s letter of the 29th on 21st. The paper came of Dec. 18 as already acknowledged. I wrote to the archbishop just before Christmas. Tell Papa. Hope you finished the examinations in good shape. Best wishes to all.




Front of card: Took this at Schwaz during Xmas vacation. It was snowing hard at the time. To the left = “Frau Fanny” with whom some of the boys stay during the summer. Next to her is “Julie,” the Wirtin of the “Krippe.” Suppose you can recognize the crucifix. The priests are Shulz & Staib. The dog’s name is Sedan!





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