Henry’s Random Thoughts



February 3, 1915, Innsbruck


Mr. G. H. Grimmelsman

The Central Trust & Safe Deposit Co.

115 East 4 St.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Received your letter of Jan. 14 on the 1st. That of 7th containing draft for 1 hundred today. Thank you very much for sending same. I am now supplied for any emergency. Don’t send any more money of any kind unless I send in a call. It is just possible that this money will pay for my passage although we hope to finish the year here. Had a letter from Mr. Williams today. All are well and in good spirits. The town is very quiet.


Front of card: This picture was taken at Schwaz during X-mas vacation. Since then we have been staying at home. No news worth mentioning. Hope you are all well. Best wishes to you all. Thanking you again for your kindness. Your son,







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