Henry’s Random Thoughts



April 4, 1928, Innsbruck


Mr. Jos. B Grimmelsman et al

925 Mt. Hope Ave.

P. H. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Dear Brother and Sister:


Innsbruck is finer than ever. You ought to come over & buy a little gesthaus & settle down. Al’s German would come in handy then. I got here late Friday afternoon & have been at Canisianum since. Several walks have put me in fair condition & I believe I can hold my own still with the younger crowd. Yesterday I said Mass in the Johannis Kirche, today in the Canisianum. Tomorrow I expect to take an all day trip on foot and then I shall get down to work. The majority of the Americans left today for a week’s Easter vacation.


Well, I visited a European Boy Scout camp. It is situated in an old castle about 20 miles SW of Innsbruck. The location is romantic and there is a fine little lake there, but the owner will not allow the boys to use it, for fear the fishing will be spoiled. With best wishes,


Henry G





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