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2007 Cincinnati Reds SGA Bobbleheads


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Bronson Arroyo Bobblehead


The team did away with the figurines in 2007 and went straight into the bobbles. They honor starting pitchers with the two active player slots this year. First off on May 23 is the ever-popular Bronson Arroyo, in a pose that shows off his trademark hair and high leg kick. The crowd of 32,000 was quite good for a bobble night, especially when you consider that the team hosted cellar-dwelling Washington, while residing in the NL Central basement themselves.





Aaron Harang Bobblehead


On June 13, the Reds honored standout pitcher Aaron Harang three weeks after the previous bobblehead night. The game drew 29,000 or so, despite hosting a good interleague team. This lukewarm crowd is surprising given the excellent work Aaron has done for the team since 2005. This one is a bit bigger than most of the others. Iím not sure if this was on purpose, but it probably was because the player featured is a mountain of a man.


There were quality issues on this one. The paint jobs werenít very good and a couple of them had arms break off during shipping. The broken arms were just the result of a design flaw, with the pitching appendage being too delicate for shipping. The paint job gives a little insight into how these and other imports are made. They are designed here in the USA, but the actual painting of them is farmed out to shops in China. The promotion company probably deals with an agent over there, who in turn finds the factories to paint them. Therefore, you have different plants doing the work on every batch. The quality will vary from player to different player, but very little within different bobbles of the same player. You never know what you get until you open the box down at the stadium.





Frank Robinson Bobblehead


On July 25th, the Reds drew a good crowd to watch them play the first place Brewers and also get a bobble of one of the best Reds ever, Frank Robinson. Itís just a shame they traded this guy in his prime for Milt Pappas. It was the worst trade ever, unless you are an Orioles fan. The bat came separate and screwed into the playerís hands. Separate bats are something they have done over the past few years, since bats tended to be prone to breakage when they were permanently attached to the player. The innovation has made a world of difference.





Marty/Thom Brennaman Dual Bobblehead


August 22 was the final bobblehead date in 2007. It featured the new father/son announcing duo. Demand was lower for this one vs. the player bobbles, which is to be expected. But there was still quite a bit of interest in it. Marty has already been featured on an SGA with Joe Nuxhall, and also on the Kroger Big Red Machine bobbles released this year, but he remains a fan favorite, since heís all thatís left from the machine days. The detail was nice on these, but a handful of ours were broken. The weak spots seem to be the knees and the necks of the figures. Also, some of the boxes were kind of mangled. I get the feeling these were abused in transit, but thatís purely speculation on my part.





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