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2022 Cincinnati Reds SGA Bobbleheads


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Four Bobbleheads and One FunkoPop Planned for 2022, Four Bobbleheads Released


2022 saw the return to normal at the bellpark for the most part. The team got off to a terrible start, which depressed attendance, but there were no more Covid restrictions. The plan was to offer four bobbleheads plus a Johnny Bench FunkoPop. The FunkoPop was low-key cancelled late in the year when it became apparent that supply chain issues would prevent the items from arriving on time. The team has promised to give them out next year. The bobbleheads were as follows: Star Wars-themed “Jedi Joey” Joey Votto, Tyler Stephenson, Jeff “The Cowboy” Brantley, and an old-style Mr. Redlegs. The most obvious choice, Jonathan India, was reserved for an oversized version given to buyers of the ticket six-pack. The selection was notably short on current players, probably because someone was tipped off that a lot of them would be on the trade block this year.  


For the first time, this year’s promotional page did not specify how many of each item was given out. I was down at the stadium for all four giveaways and from my experience, there were plenty of all of these to go around. My guess is that they had 20,000 of each, but with attendance being as poor as it was early in the year, 20,000 would have seemed like too many. Time will tell if the team will cut back next year. I’m sure the temptation is always there, especially in “rebuilding” years. And there are some of those coming.


May 7-“Jedi Joey” Joey Votto Bobblehead














May 28-Tyler Stephenson Bobblehead










July 2-Jeff “The Cowboy” Brantley Bobblehead











July 23-Mr. Redlegs Old-Style Bobblehead











September 3-Johnny Bench FunkoPop?


As mentioned above, this one was cancelled due to supply chain issues. I suspect a lot of people will be unloading tickets for this game. The fine print says that promotional giveaways are subject to change, but up until now, a giveaway was never cancelled in years where games were not cancelled. Let this be a warning that they will really do it. I sincerely believe they did not have a choice. These supply chain issues are affecting every industry that depends on imports, and these items are all made overseas.




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