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Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Bobbleheads


Over the last few years, the popular Reds Hall of Fame located next to the stadium has caught on to the value of the bobblehead as a promotional tool. As one might guess, these bobbleheads are of a nostalgic bent. Please note that my list of these is not as complete as it is for the SGAs. I havenít tracked down every year of them.


They donít make nearly as many of these as they do the stadium giveaways. Iím pretty sure they are limited to 5,000. The distribution of them is a little more controlled, too. Customers are limited to one per visit per day. You canít run in circles for quantities like you do at the stadium. Basically, you can get one per paid admission, but they have also had deals where you could get several different ones in exchange for buying a membership. They may or may not run such a promotion in the future. Pictured are the ones I have. Iím not sure if I have them all. I bought a collection from a guy that included them. I will probably get future ones straight from the source, assuming I keep collecting them. (A person has only so much space.)


Since getting them in bulk isnít easy, expect to pay more for these on Ebay than you would for SGAís of the same vintage.




2020 was an interesting year to say the least. A normal order of the planned bobbleheads was presumable placed, but for part of the season, the Hall wasnít even open. Even when they were open, they couldnít count on the normal foot traffic that game days provide, since games were closed to fans all year. They offered to take orders for them for mail order or pickup later. But thereís no doubt that they had many left over at the end of the year. They put them up for sale in 2021, and as of this writing, late in 2021, I would guess that the full set is still available at the Hall.



























2021 saw things get back to normal for the most part. Game day crowds were socially distanced to start the year, but they expanded the limited crowds quickly and then got back to full crowds as soon as they could. With the team in contention, foot traffic at the Hall was no doubt good and plenty of bobbles were given out with paid admissions. This yearís crop focused on some really old-time players, players that few current fans may have heard of. Personally, these are some of my all-time favorites, but usually when I like something, it isnít quite as popular with the general public. The public would eat up nothing but Johnny Bench bobbles from here until the end of time, but I prefer some more obscure players.

























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