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Below are photos from throughout the bishop’s life. All photos courtesy of the Grimmelsman family.


Early Life: One thing I’ve found out by looking at old baby pictures is that early on in life, baby boys were dressed in things that looked more like dresses than anything. Still, you have to admire the flag and the gun. Father Al had a love of sports his whole life, which went well with the sports-obsessed residents of Delhi Township. I would guess that the picture on the right was as a member of the St. X basketball team, but it could very well have been track.




First Communion: The photo below was taken in the early 20th century to celebrate First Holy Communion, a major rite of passage in a Catholic life. Even when I had mine in the early 80s, formal dress was expected (although the style had changed a bit by then).




Family: To the left is his father, G H Grimmelsman, an employee of the Central Trust Bank. To the right is the whole family, sometime after the passing of his mother, Frances. Al is third from left. Next to him is his brother Joe, who is almost completely obscured by one of his sisters.




Below are four photos of Al as a priest. The one on the far right is the baptism of Thomas William Eckstein on July 13, 1958.






Below is a photo of his Golden Jubilee, with siblings.




This was the memorial card given out at his funeral in 1981.



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